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2013 Fiddlin’ Under The Stars

Wayward Vessel had a wonderful time in Goldendale Washington at the 2013 Fiddlin’ Under the Stars Festival! We played sets on Friday and Saturday evenings to a very welcoming crowd. One of the star-citizens of Goldendale is Dr. Ogden. Dr. Ogden provides volunteer vision services to underprivileged folks in poorer countries such as Vietnam and Romania. To help fund his work, he sells sunglasses that nice people donate to his charity. Josiah and Ken bought some sweet shades from him for $1 per pair!
Dr. Ogden also provided two or three classic cars to taxi festival attendees back and forth to the market, and the Observitory. Here’s Ken and Josiah in an old car on the way back from the store with some beer and whiskey!
Classic Car Goldendale Washington

Ken And Josiah in a Classic Car Goldendale Washington


Ken and Josiah with new shades

Ken and Josiah with new shades

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