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Another Country

Another CountryNo, Ken is not standing up a flag and declaring a parcel of land, but Wayward Vessel frontman, Ken Chapple has been busy since Wayward Vessel’s hiatus in 2015. Ken released his debut solo record in September of 2015 and has been living in bluegrass hotbed, Asheville, North Carolina, where he’s been busily writing and performing as a guitarist with Blue Ridge Tradition, Nitrograss and various other outfits. Ken has now formed a new outfit called Another Country that performs some of Ken’s original music and some crazy covers.

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Listen to Ken’s record Crossing The Black (2015) on iTunes:



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Wayward Vessel had a wonderful time in Goldendale Washington at the 2013 Fiddlin’ Under the Stars Festival! We played sets on Friday and Saturday evenings to a very welcoming crowd. One of the star-citizens of Goldendale is Dr. Ogden. Dr. Ogden provides volunteer vision services to underprivileged folks in poorer countries such as Vietnam and Romania. To help fund his work, he sells sunglasses that nice people donate to his charity. Josiah and Ken bought some sweet shades from him for $1 per pair!
Dr. Ogden also provided two or three classic cars to taxi festival attendees back and forth to the market, and the Observitory. Here’s Ken and Josiah in an old car on the way back from the store with some beer and whiskey!
Classic Car Goldendale Washington

Ken And Josiah in a Classic Car Goldendale Washington


Ken and Josiah with new shades

Ken and Josiah with new shades

Steve is a kind soul from the distant land of England. Steve left his family behind a few years back to come to the USA and follow his dreams of working in the fast-paced industry of product development research…. or something like that. Among those left behind, his big sister Sam. Sam’s a busy business lady over there across the pond. Steve’s been trying to get her to come visit him for the past couple years. This year for her birthday, Steve wanted to give her to an all-expenses paid trip to visit him…. and the method he chose to deliver his message was a GUILT TRIP SONG! This is the result! To request your own jingle, please contact

To request your own jingle, please contact