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Ken Chapple and Julie Schmidt

Here are some videos from our performance on July 7th 2012 at Mississippi Studios with Left Coast Country and Sugar Cane. Enjoy!

After Telluride we headed down to Josiah’s hometown of Pagosa Springs to relax for a couple days with his family. They set us up in their beautiful home just outside town and fed us some wonderful meals along with some shralpy jams. It was hard to leave their welcoming home. Monday we went to a 1000 yr old archeological site at nearby Chimney Rock. As you may have heard Colorado has been experiencing fires all over the state due to dry weather and beetle rot. We got to experience this up close on our little adventure.


With temps in the 90’s we drove up to the top for a guided tour and some great views. That included a large plume from the Weminuch fire.


Then suddenly while we looked looked across the opposite valley a thin wisp of smoke arose from a small canyon. We watched as it grew and flames started to shoot above the trees. Julie might have freaked a bit and within about 15min we got a radio call to evacuate the site before the fire blocked our way. That was enough excitement for one day and we hung out at the house the rest of the day.

Jun 27 2012


Jun 25 2012

Cast of Characters