Jamming inside the van was a treat to the ears while I sat in the passenger seat!

Belinda And The Van

Cleaning the van

Belinda does a dance to rid the van of it’s demons. Thanks Belinda!

wayward vessel kicksatrter

Wayward Vessel

Happy New Year! As some of you may know, we are gearing up to record our second album at the famed Big Red Studio studio here in Portland, Oregon. To help raise funds for the project we are offering some exciting gifts in exchange for your support. Have you ever wanted your very own jingle or a private lesson with one of the Wayward Vessel band members? Well, here is your chance! To check out all the exciting gifts and to show your support click here. Then click here to share with everyone else that you’ve supported a bluegrass Kickstarter!

Wayward Vessel at Issaquah Salmon Days
Wayward Vessel at Issaquah Salmon Days, October 2011

On our last trip up North to Seattle, we have the major treat of being apart of the Issaquah Salmon Days Festival.  My brother Matt being an avid catch-and-release fly-fisherman, I’ve developed a real appreciation for the struggle of salmon and steel-head. It was really cool to play among the hatchery ponds, and to be able to watch the Salmon struggle to reach their spawning ground as we struggled to hit our G-runs.

Sep 9 2011


Tip Ketle

Wayward Vessel's Tip Kettle

Wayward Vessel is no stranger to street-performing.